Coach Dawn

What do you like best about working with the kids you train?
I absolutely love seeing them make progress and accomplish things that they didn’t think they could. Each client is different and has their own personality and things going on in their life. I like getting to know and understand them so I can help bring out the best in them, build their confidence, and let them see how awesome they are.

What are your credentials?

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Speed and Agility Specialist
  • Training for Warriors Certified Instructor
  • Working on Nutrition Certification

Experienced training a wide range of ages. Coached girls and boys soccer teams, helped manage a premier soccer team, taught preschool and religious ed, assisted in classrooms, and raising two cool kids who are entering adulthood.

What inspired you to get into fitness & training?
I have always been athletic and love playing every sport I can. I started going to a gym for weights and cardio classes when I was in my late teens and fitness has been a constant in my life. I worked in business for corporations but I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I would like to have a job in fitness. Once I had my children I left my corporate job to raise them. I volunteered in their classrooms, taught preschool and religious ed., coached, and managed their soccer teams. When my children got older, I wanted to work again and the natural fit was obvious; to combine my love and knowledge of sports and fitness with my experience and love of teaching.

I am passionate about helping people achieve their potential. I like to play many sports recreationally. I live an active, healthy lifestyle of outdoor activities, working out, and eating well. I like to create and remake recipes to make them nutritious and taste great. I consider food as fuel for the body and mind to maximize performance in sports and everyday life.

What is your favorite motivational quote?
It’s actually my own sort of quote. “If you think you can’t, YOU CAN. You just haven’t figured out how yet.”

What would you say to parents that are considering having their children train at B.E.A.T.?
I don’t think you’ll find a better place. Your children’s safety is at the top of our list. We always take the time to communicate with our clients to make sure there are no present injuries that will be worsened by a session. We have the knowledge and will modify moves for individuals. We will never overlook an issue a client may have in order to throw them into a group’s cookie cutter workout. We have a whole body approach with our athletes (mind, nutrition, rest, activities). We appreciate and understand that they are all different and we treat them with respect. We truly care about each of our clients and take the time to get to know them.