Coach Noelle


What do you like best about working with the kids you train?
Their inquisitiveness and energy!

What are your credentials?

  • NASM Certified PT

What inspired you to get into fitness & training?
After being a young athlete myself I longed for the chance to train and compete for something again. After having my 2nd son I decided to study for my CPT certification. I wanted to share with other mothers that it is NEVER too late to learn to love fitness. I also wanted to share my passion with athletes just starting out.

As a active mom of 3 young athletes the ages of 13, 11, 8, I understand how important youth performance training is to the athletes success. My goal for all of our athletes is for them to learn not only how to train their bodies physically but to train with the proper nutritional guidance. Fueling an athlete the right way will ensure that they are prepared to reach their goals. I want every athlete that trains at B.E.A.T. to learn that there are no quick fixes and no shortcuts to fueling our bodies for performance.

What is your favorite motivational quote?
“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments”

What would you say to parents that are considering having their children train at B.E.A.T.?
Understanding there is so much more to being the best athlete one can be goes far beyond just getting coached by a team coach. The fundamentals of performance training such as agility, speed, strength and nutrition need to be part of the athletes program. At B.E.A.T. we strive to make sure these fundamentals are the foundation of their training.