The Complete Athlete

Believe Elite's 5-point, signature star is the foundation for our approach to training athletes that aspire to be elite.

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Nutritional Coaching

Proper nutrition is the Game Changer. It’s the factor that impacts the determined athlete to surpass the competition.

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Athletic Training

Our programs are customized to bring out each athlete’s personal best for optimal fitness, arming them for success.

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Outwork Everyone

Our focus is to develop high school and collegiate athletes stressing the importance of building a strong foundation through; proper weight training techniques, athletic conditioning, tailored exercise plans for their sport and equally important, an individualized nutritional coaching plan.

Certified Coaches

Believe Elite is staffed by certified fitness professionals dedicated to the successful development of our athletes.

Personalized Performance

Coach JR and the Believe Elite trainers lay it all out in a customized nutrition package tailored to each athlete's needs!

Coach J.R.'s Mindset Training

The UnBEATable Mindset eBook from Coach J.R. guides athletes through creating an action plan and evaluating fitness goals, as well as holding accountable those who strive to become the 1%. The eBook is available on Amazon for purchase and download.

“I believe that the MIND is a MUSCLE and it should be trained and developed with the proper coaching and care. An athletes mindset is what sets them apart day to day which leads to long term success both in sports and in life.”

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Believe Programs

Our programs are broken down into phases to ensure that full development is achieved and coaching is suitable and age appropriate. The impact of proper training is our end goal as certified coaches and fitness professionals.

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Developing The Complete Athlete

Believe Elite Athletic Training emphasizes the 5 points of our signature Star as the keys to becoming a complete athlete that translates to the playing field:











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High Performance Nutrition

Believe Elite Athletic Training has partnered with 1st Phorm to bring you the best in high performance sports nutrition.

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