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For the last 14 years, athletes have sought out to work with J.R. because of his coaching philosophies. His ability to improve strength, power, speed, mobility, agility and sport-specific endurance is unmatched. Coach J.R. is also a Nutritional Coaching expert who has transformed hundreds of lifestyles, especially in the combat sports world.

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Athlete Testimonials

Discover how Believe Elite Athletic Training has transformed athletes into champions through their inspiring testimonials.


Since working with Coach J.R., I signed with an agent, trained in California, made an NBA G- League team, and am currently playing in Puerto Rico with potential offers to play on their national team.

Justin Reyes,Professional Basketball


Been working with John & Believe for over a year now. I can honestly say he’s been a missing link for me, not just in my physical preparation for competition but even more so in my mental preparation!

Shane Burgos,Professional MMA


JR over the years has not only pushed me physically, but he has helped shape me into a man willing to go through the mental pain of those last inches and seconds of a match and come out victorious.

Vincent Vespa,NCAA Division I Wrestling

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Elite Athlete Training Systems includes 6-month access to 9 Master Classes, 18 Lectures, Goal Tracking Worksheets, Nutrition Planning, and 1:1 Accountability Coaching with Coach J.R.

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About Coach J.R.

John Rahn is the certified fitness professional behind Believe Elite Athletic Training, the go-to spot for hundreds of elite athletes in New York and New Jersey. With 15+ years of experience and a record of training state champs, national champs, pro athletes, and Olympic medalists, he’s the ultimate fitness authority. But it’s not just about the physical gains – Coach J.R. also hones in on nutrition and mental toughness to give his athletes the complete package for total domination.

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The fundamentals of strength training are the foundation of every athlete’s training at Believe.






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