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Why choose Believe Elite Athletic Training?

Our focus is to develop high school and collegiate athletes stressing the importance of building a strong foundation through; proper weight training techniques, athletic conditioning, tailored exercise plans for their sport and equally important, an individualized nutritional coaching plan.

The approach we take is customized for all of our clientele and incorporates an initial assessment and evaluation with a qualified coach and fitness professional. At Believe Elite Athletic Training not only are we developing young athletes physically but mentally as well. We know through years of experience that we can mold the attitude of young athletes and their perception of hard work so they are the best versions of themselves.

Certified fitness professionals focused on athlete success

Our approach emphasizes 5 points of our signature star to achieve well rounded training positively affecting performance in the gym or on the field.

John Rahn

Founder & Owner, Certified Trainer

Rob Badstein

Certified Trainer

Seasonal Training

Our philosophy on “Seasonal Training” is the idea of breaking your year up to work on weaknesses and develop the right way.


The Off-Season is the time to gain lean muscle mass, work on strength training and lift weights and build a solid athletic body. This time should emphasize healthy nutrition, weight lifting, and mobility work. The Off-Season should be 3-6 months (longer the better). Healthy Nutrition and Fuel for Performance are emphasized to help make workouts intense and build muscle mass. CHAMPIONS ARE MADE IN THE OFF-SEASON. (Both male & female athletes should have proper Off-Seasons).


The Pre-Season is the time where conditioning should start to be stressed along with speed and agility work. The new added muscle from the Off-Season should be showing in explosive power and speed. You are 6-8 weeks away from tryouts and conditioning will help get you ready physically and mentally to earn you starting position and open your coaches eyes. Healthy Nutrition and Fuel for Performance are emphasized to help make workouts intense and game speed.

In-Season Maintenance

In-Season Maintenance is the time to show your hard work and perform at the elite level. An athlete who uses our season training philosophies will stand out. We know that they have trained smart and outworked their competition. In-Season athletes should still be training. Training should be 1-2 days a week depending on level. Along with training In-Season recovery should be stressed (foam rolling, stretching, and proper warm-ups) daily. Nutrition is the game changer and a serious athlete is going to use it to fuel practices, workouts, and games.

Private team training packages

If your high school or college team is not participating in a structured scientifically-based sports performance training program under the supervision of a strength and conditioning coach then you are not getting the most out of your athletes.

Team Training that Gets Results

Believe Elite Athletic Training offers private team training packages for all sports, ages and experience levels. Our team of highly qualified strength and conditioning coaches will design a complete systematic training program tailored to meet the exact needs of your athletes based on their sport, age, experience, skill level and training goals!

Outcomes You Can Expect

Team and Large Group Training creates an environment that will produce team camaraderie, create character development as well as teach discipline and dedication. It also:

  • Places strong emphasis on educating proper technique and skill development.
  • Large emphasis on accountability and the unparalleled value of achieving goals and overcoming obstacles!

All Team Trainings will consist of:

  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Work on Speed & Agility
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Proper stretching techniques

Sports performance training extends so much further than just team lifting sessions. Want to give your team the edge it needs to dominate during the season? Then let B.E.A.T get your team physically prepared to compete and become ELITE!

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Outwork Everyone

Team Training Program Design & Consultation Services

A comprehensive Sports Performance program will be designed to meet the specific needs of your team or group, based on your sport, age, performance goals, etc. B.E.A.T Coaches will teach and refine essential skills to all athletes and coaches, promoting productive and safe independent training sessions

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Success is a Choice

Your CHAMPION Vision is your Goal and is something that should drive you each day. Once you set your CHAMPION Vision it is a great idea to write it down. Then take the time to plan how you will get closer to accomplishing it each and every day.

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Nutrition for the Youth Athlete

Start your day the right way! 10 minute quick breakfast ideas. These pointers will help you overcome fatigue, gain energy, stay focused in class, and dominate when it comes time for competition.

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Start Your Day the Right Way

When it comes down to the big picture eating healthy is not difficult. It is about making the right choices and realizing that food affects you both mentally and physically. Make the choice to.

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