General Questions

We train youth athletes as young as 9 years old and our programs are based on each individual athlete. Most of our younger athletes are coached using bodyweight exercises to increase their strength and mobility. We always use professional discretion when designing workouts for all of our athletes.

This is dependent upon a couple of key factors. We access training history and experience within the first couple of sessions. Based on our assessment, we make a prescribed routine. It is also based on whether or not your son/daughter is in a competitive season or off-season. We firmly believe that, “Great athletes are made in the Off-Season.” Athletes need time away from their sport to work on weaknesses and to make strength gains. This time away also allows them to create realistic goals and attain them.

We get this question often and in all honesty until they are with me for at least 12 sessions we do not recommend they do any weight training on their own. The lessons we teach to our athletes are very intricate and place emphasis on; form, technique, breathing, and the mental aspect of strength training. Many of them are not going to be ready to be thrown into a “gym” and their safety may be at risk.

Our philosophy on speed and agility is to build the strength of developing athletes through proper exercise selection and nutritional education. These lessons are advanced for most of the young athletes that walk into our facility with no experience or knowledge on these topics. Speed and agility are what all athletes want to have because they are essential to success in their sport. Building their bodies is our main goal and it is a process. We educate our athletes on all aspects of training on and off the field.

This is the game changer. We put a lot of importance on nutrition and it’s importance in being a successful athlete. Healthy nutrition for young developing athletes/adolescents is probably the most important component of reaching fitness goals and living a healthy life. For us to not educate your children about the importance of nutrition to their athletic performance would be a disservice to them and their goals. Our coaches have the expertise in the field of fitness nutrition to help our young athletes reach full muscular potential and advance to the next level of their careers in a healthy way.