We tailor a program to develop The Complete Athlete for success on the field.

Membership at Believe Elite Athletic Training is an exclusive relationship that is built on trust and commitment between our athletes, athlete’s families and coaches. Being a member of Believe is an opportunity to change your life. Our members understand that improvements are made by lessons learned through a more gradual and systematic long-term developmental model. This type of approach has consistently been proven to:

  • Reduce injury rate
  • Improve measures of athletic and physical performance
  • Create sustainable and maintainable program the athlete will enjoy!

Athletic Development

Our programs are broken down into phases to ensure that full development is achieved and coaching is suitable and age appropriate. The impact of proper training is our end goal as certified coaches and fitness professionals.

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Seasonal Training

Private Training is offered as 2-on-1 & 1-on-1. Sessions are on based Sports performance and General Fitness Training. All training programs are designed to meet the needs and goals of each client based on ability level, experience, age, injuries, limitations and more.

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Collegiate Athletes

At Believe Elite Athletic Training we work with collegiate athletes by preparing them for their upcoming seasons. Our programs are designed to help take their physical skills to the next level. We will focus on speed and movement while enhancing your collegiate strength program in order to maximize your results during your school break.

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Professional Athletes

While not every athlete makes it to the pros, Believe Elite Athletic Training works with many athletes who go onto the highest levels. UFC Featherweight “Hurricane” Shane Burgos has trained with Coach JR in preparation for televised fight cards, such as UFC 220.

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