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More and more collegiate athletes are beginning to take advantage of opportunities in their respective off-seasons to work on refining their specific sport skills. The off-season is a great time to make significant strides in strength, speed, power and agility.

At Believe Elite Athletic Training we work with collegiate athletes by preparing them for their upcoming seasons. Our programs are designed to help take their physical skills to the next level. We will focus on speed and movement while enhancing your collegiate strength program in order to maximize your results during your school breaks. Our goal is to help our college athletes build speed, strength, power, quickness, increase mobility and focus on injury prevention in order to help them to achieve their maximum potential.

Benefits of Off Season Training:

Maintaining 50-60% Fitness Takes Less Effort Than Starting From Scratch!
When the training program is removed or put on hold, physiological adaptations begin to reverse back to pre-training levels. This effect is known as detraining. Therefore maintaining a consistent level of volume and intensity will prevent any chance of detraining and will keep our athletes physically ready to begin the next season strong.

Regeneration Following the Competitive Season
Competitive sports can place unequal loads on different parts of the body, for example one leg or arm is used more than the other. A good off-season training program will address these imbalances helping to prevent both acute and longer term chronic injuries. This is achieved by including the 3 major types of training; Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training and Flexibility Training.

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