Believe Elite Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Performance Nutrition Plans

We lay it all out in a customized nutrition package tailored to each athletes needs. These plans take into consideration three factors:

1. Body Type

Understanding your body type is a key component to finding your daily macronutrient percentages that will help you reach your fitness goals.

2. Activity Level

You need to eat according to activity. A very active person needs more fuel than a person not as active.

3. Fitness Goals

Everyone has different goals; fat loss, muscle gain, maintenance, etc. We understand this and coach accordingly!

Create Your Plate

Choose the healthy meals you want and Coach JR's Believe Elite Athletic team will use cutting-edge nutritional research to help you meet health, performance or weight loss goals.

Track Your Macros

When you track your macros you aim to consume a predetermined amount of protein, carbs, and fat each day. It doesn’t matter what you eat (within reason) to hit those goals. As long as you stay within your macro goals for the day, you’re good.

Earn It!

We believe in the 80/20 rule and our GOAL as your Fitness Nutrition Coach is to hold you accountable and on track. We are a TEAM and we win when accountability is at the 80% mark. That means you have earned your 20% of FREatdom.

Do you know how many calories you need each day to reach your fitness goals?

Most people do NOT know about this KEY piece of FITNESS INFORMATION. Nutrition is the #1 Ally/Opponent that you face everyday. Understand how to use Nutrition to have a more balanced lifestyle.




Lesson Breakdowns


Learn a strong foundation around managing carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats vs. trans-fats.

Micronutrients & Water

A healthy and balanced diet, including a variety of fruits and vegetables, should provide all the micronutrients most active people need.


Expert insight into the best course of action for choosing healthy, muscle-building foods.

Portion Sizes

The proper serving sizes and portions can control weight gain/weight loss and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Tips for how to maximize usage of Nutrition Labels. This information is useful for planning a nutritionally balanced diet for yourself and your family.

Food Prep

The key to making this new lifestyle work for you and becoming a healthier individual and athlete is being prepared.