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A 7-days training program designed to boost your strength & endurance over the course of a week.

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Sports performance training extends so much further than just lifting sessions. Want to give yourself the edge it needs to dominate during the season? Then let B.E.A.T get you physically prepared to compete and become ELITE!

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Structured Scientifically-Based Sports Performance Training Programs

Believe Elite Athletic Training offers private training packages for all sports, ages and experience levels. Our team of highly qualified strength and conditioning coaches will design a complete systematic training program tailored to meet your exact needs based on sport, age, experience, skill level and training goals!


When an athlete is not working in their competitive season this is considered their “off season”. This is the time when they work on their skills but are not expected to be practicing weekly or having real competition days. This is the prime time for intensive strength training and focus on healthy nutritional coaching in order to make serious strength gains, work on weak areas, and make real progress. Athletes should be training 3 days a week depending on experience, level and age.


Two months before the actual competitive sport season begins the training mentality shifts from power and strength to explosiveness therefore implementing more conditioning work is needed. The athlete needs to begin prepping for team tryouts and will need to be at the top of their game. This is the opportunity for the athlete to show the coaches that he/she has put in the work in the off-season. Athletes can still be training (2-3 days per week) at this point along with working on their skill set for their particular sport.


This time of year should be dedicated to showcasing their strength gains, confidence and skill out on the field, court, mat, pool, track etc. During this time the athlete should still be weight training (1day per week) with the goal of maintaining the strength built in the off season at B.E.A.T. Scheduling for IN-SEASON athletes should NOT be made on game days or after team practices. IN-SEASON sessions are to be on OFF days from his/her team obligations.

Private Training is offered as 2-on-1 & 1-on-1

Sessions are on based Sports performance and General Fitness Training.
All training programs are designed to meet the needs and goals of each client based on ability level, experience, age, injuries, limitations and more.

We also offer a wide variety of Sports Performance training programs to develop The Complete Athlete including:

  • Seasonal Group Programs
  • Private Sessions by appointment (1 on 1, Small Groups of 2-6)
  • Team Training Sessions and Pre-Season Conditioning Camps.