Believe Elite

Developing the Complete Athlete

Learn, understand, and see how the top athletes in the world control their mind, develop it, and use it to their advantage to become a truly Elite Athlete.

Get direct access to the Believe team and trainers to help answer any questions along the way concerning the program, nutrition, mindset, or anything else that comes up.

360º Development

Targeting each athlete’s form and technique allows us to prescribe more complex and rigorous exercises in a safe environment.

Competitive Edge

These programs utilize all of our equipment and techniques to develop explosive power, strength, and speed.

Defining the Complete Athlete

The Five Points of our Signature Star


The fundamentals of strength training are the foundation of every athlete’s training at Believe. Muscle makes your body move faster and every athlete needs to increase their relative strength. Teaching proper technique and the specifics of safe and effective weight training, insures that every athlete has the tools they need to reach their peak performance. Check out all Believe Elite’s programs.


In order to perform at an ELITE level you have to have the tactical elements and balance in training; cardiovascular work, nutrition for performance, and recovery/rest time. In addition to strength training, the emphasis at Believe on the WHOLE athlete delivers results when you need it the most — when you compete.


This is the game changer—the key to literally unlock real results—especially for the developing youth athlete. “Muscle is made in the kitchen.” Often overlooked, proper nutrition has many benefits including:

  • Fuel for Performance
  • Muscle Building capabilities
  • Decreased Risk of Injury
  • Decreased Body Fat percentage
  • Decreased Health Risks


The goal of the coaches at B.E.A.T is to TEACH our student athletes how to LIVE HEALTHY. Our Motto is LIVE FIT! The lessons taught in our training gym are not just aimed at becoming a better athlete but to live a healthy lifestyle and create great habits. We want our youth athletes to LIVE FIT! See what Believe Elite athletes have accomplished on the athletes page.


Our staff has a tremendous amount of training and experience on the athletic field and performance industry. Motivating an athlete is our specialty. Seeing athletes succeed on the playing field is our passion. Our goal is to help our athletes realize their fullest potential at each stage of development, and to create a positive framework for their sport and their lives. At Believe we see each athlete as an individual and our approach caters to their unique needs. We offer round the clock support which lets our athletes know we are available for them. Motivating the athletes we train rests on building a relationship, which in turn builds a bond. It’s a trust that we never take for granted. We are truly grateful for every athlete that comes to train with us.

“You must become STRONG before you can be POWERFUL.”–M. Rooney