Time to Fall back into a daily Routine

School is here and mornings may become a tad hectic this season with alarms going off, getting breakfast on the table (or on-the-go), packing lunches, finishing up homework, and never-ending carpools. Some days you may think, “How can I possibly prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch for my child during these busy mornings?!” Have no fear. … there is a way. Below are a few tips on how to help minimize the stress and maximize your A.M. time to give your family a healthy start.

  • Shop for breakfast essentials ahead of time, like weekends
  • Prep meals and chop veggies on the days you’re the least busy
  • Store insulated lunch boxes in designated areas
  • Pack balanced lunches at night
  • Start a “snack station” for quick healthy snack to grab on the go
  • Make lists, organize and have a plan ahead

Lets kick off the start of the 2017-2018 school year
the healthy way!
– B.E.A.T. Coaches
J.R., Dawn, and Noelle