What can you expect from being a Believe Elite Athlete?

When you sign up for training at At Believe Elite Athletic Training you’ll soon learn that we want you to get the most out of our coaching and to be able to grow into more than just an “Athlete” but to become an “Elite Athlete!”

Our training places emphasis on 5 points of our signature STAR and the keys to becoming a complete athlete that translates to the playing field:


STRENGTH: Strength training is the foundation of every athlete’s training at BELIEVE. Lets face it, muscle makes your body move and the more you have the faster you’ll be.  Therefore all of of athletes need to increase their relative strength to reach their max potential.

“You must become STRONG before you can be POWERFUL.” (M. Rooney)

PERFORMANCE:  In order to perform at an ELITE level you have to take the time to progress through the phases of balance in training; cardiovascular work, nutrition for performance, and recovery/rest time. Each phase and step needs to be progressed the right way in order for our athletes to reach their peak performance, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day- neither can our athletes!

MOTIVATION: Seeing athletes succeed on the playing field is our passion. We want to help our athletes visualize reaching their fullest potential at each stage of development and helping them to believe that they can reach their goals is what we work for everyday! By offering round the clock support for our athletes we make sure they know we are available for them. Motivating the athletes we train rests on building a relationship, which in turn builds a bond. It’s a trust that we never take for granted. We are truly grateful for every athlete that comes to train with us.

EDUCATION: The goal of the coaches at B.E.A.T is to TEACH our student athletes how to LIVE HEALTHY. Our Motto is LIVE FIT! The lessons taught in our training gym are not just aimed at becoming a better athlete but to live a healthy lifestyle and create great habits. We want our youth athletes to LIVE FIT!

NUTRITION:  The key to reach the best results possible!!!  Especially for the developing youth athlete. Ever hear of the moto “Muscle is made in the Kitchen” ?  Well it’s 100% true.  This idea is too often overlooked and most of the time never programed into a fitness plan the way it should be.  By incorporating nutritional coaching into our programs we can direct our athletes on what to eat, when to eat and how to use the food they eat to to fuel their growing bodies.  An athlete’s proper nutrition has many benefits including:

  • Fuel for Performance
  • Muscle Building capabilities
  • Decreased Risk of Injury
  • Decreased Body Fat percentage
  • Decreased Health Risks

An Athletes’ diets must include essential nutrients in proper proportions that may shift depending upon sport demands. Lack of proper nutrients (e.g., iron, protein) can slow progress. Monitoring food intake and supplements can help athletes achieve best results. A balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins provides the body with the energy it needs for optimal performance.